Huntsmans Lake

Take the road clearly marked to Huntsman’s Quarries off the A429 at Bourton on the Water. After 3.5 miles you will pass the Quarry entrance on the right hand side, at the next cross roads (0.5 mile) turn right, the lake entrance is on the right (0.25 mile), parking is roadside only, Entry to the lake through gate on right, no access from farm drive.

Fishing is only allowed on the road side bank between 2 M.A.C. notices; rest of the lake is Out of Bounds due to Nature Conservancy Studies.

Maximum of 8 anglers allowed on the water at any one time. Fishing is dawn to dusk. NO night fishing. No ground bait. All other M.A.C. rules apply.

Fishing is only allowed

16thJune - 14th March inclusive

Due to Conservancy Studies.